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Felicity and Frey Estevez

companions | saints row (2022)


Felicity and Frey are my for funsies made-up dlc companions for SR22 💕 They are fraternal twins, and started out as Frank's bio-kids (as an homage, i wanted them to be his mini clones, initially (jokingly) dubbed Frankito y Frankita, there were two of them because I couldn't decide if he would have a son or daughter), but after some workshopping, I decided their biological relation to him was actually irrelevant (i also didn't want to deal with nailing down who their other parent would be, or what their and frank's relationship would be with that person).

As it stands, Frank adopted them at around 8-12 years old (how this happened is also pretty vague but he does become their guardian some time after he's established). They grew up in Steelport, in this AU Frank still grew up in Stilwater and moved to Steelport for school/work. He definitely does something art related, he's known, has money, and the twins have a pretty comfy upbringing because of it. I'm undecided if he went through anything similar to SR1 (aka getting blown up -_-) or if he simply graduates high school and gets an art scholarship to some prestigious school in Steelport. The twins would have grown up in a similar timeline/era as SR22's Boss and overall fit the tone of SR22 better than Frank ever could. They would be recruitable by any boss upon completing their story missions!

At a Glance

Felicity is a slim, average height person with tan skin and beauty marks. They have bleached hair styled in a messy mullet that is typically colored silver or white. Upon recruitment they would color their hair purple. Their natural hair color is a cool dark brown. Their eyes are dark brown, though they wear colored contacts for fun. They prefer to match contacts to their accessories, and will match purple contacts to their purple hair. Felicity has many ear piercings, two piercings through their right brow, and snake bite piercings through their lower lip. They have a small scorpio symbol tattooed on their inner right wrist, and will draw a small black star over the beauty mark on their left cheekbone. Felicity can grow facial hair and occasionally wears a stubbly mustache, though they usually keep a smooth face. Felicity exclusively uses they/them pronouns and prefers gender neutral terms. (They will tolerate the occasional gendered term but watch out!)

Frey is a tall, muscular person with tan skin and full coverage tattoos on their arms, chest, back and legs. These black and white tattoos feature koi fish, water motifs, lotus flowers, lily pads, cherry blossoms, petals and leaves. They keep the top layer of their straight, black hair no longer than ear length with the underside shaved. Her eyes are a shade lighter than Felicity's. Frey has single lobe piercings and typically wears flashy diamond earrings or simple gold or black hoops, removing them while sleeping, showering, or exercising. They have a large scar on the left side of their face that cuts through their brow and runs down their cheekbone. He has a different story for how it was recieved depending on who asks about it. Frey is fine with any pronouns, and would likely let you decide what pronouns you think suit them! Then secretly (or openly) judge you based on which you pick (and whether or not you use them exclusively or interchangeably), all in good fun ofc (>:3). That being said, Frey is also fine with any gendered terms: bf/gf/so, mister/ma'am, lady/guy, dude/bro, WHATEVER!

Felicity wears

Frey wears

How do they appear/come across? What would be someone's first impression of them?


Basic background and backstory stuff, how did they get to where they are currently?

Choices they made in game, how their campaign concludes?


For Fun :>

Fun facts/trivia, etc

They are Scorpios, Felicity is ESTP and Melancholic, Frey is ENFJ and Sanguine. They are both True Neutral.




Felicity's Pokemon team would consist of:

  • Purrloin: the Devious Pokémon. Purrloin fools people into letting their guard down so it can steal their possessions. When angered, it uses its claws to fight back. They steal from people for fun, but their victims can't help but forgive them. Their deceptively cute act is perfect.
  • Salazzle: Salazzle makes its opponents light-headed with poisonous gas, then captivates them with alluring movements to turn them into loyal servants.
  • Shiny Tsareena: Its long, striking legs aren't just for show but to be used to kick with skill. In victory, it shows off by kicking the defeated, laughing boisterously. A Pokémon with an aggressive personality and a mastery of kicking, it cackles every time it kicks an opponent.

Frey's Pokemon team would consist of:

  • Pancham: the Playful Pokémon. Though it tries to look tough, Pancham has trouble being taken seriously by opponents.
  • Shiny Roserade: With the movements of a dancer, it strikes with whips that are densely lined with poison thorns.
  • Milotic: the Tender Pokémon. Milotic is able to soften human anger and hatred by emitting soothing frequencies from its body.

In Animal Crossing, ignoring gender restrictions, Felicity would be an Uchi Cub. Felicity's phrase would be "banger" and they would have the music hobby. They would prefer black and red, and enjoy a cool or goth style. black skull tee

Frey, ignoring gender restrictions, would be a Smug Bear, their phrase would be "baller" and she would have the fitness hobby. They would prefer black and blue. He enjoys an active or formal style. dragon jacket

OC is ??? coded. Their vibe would be ---------------