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UPDATE 7/19/24: Onan Mahariel's page is COMPLETE! Click the Dragon Age tab to find him!

Hi, I'm Free!

Welcome to my website!! I made this page so I could word vom and share stuff about my characters! EVERYTHING'S A WIP RN but you can use the Navbar above to see what I've got so far c: (I've divided them into Dragon Age and Not Dragon Age so far, only because there are so many DA ones

Pages are customized per character, spotify playlists can be found at the end of the page when available!

If you're curious for more, feel free to ask/message me on Tumblr! (if u didnt come from there u can find my link in the navbar, you will also find each character's tumblr tag linked on their pages!)

Thank you for visiting, I hope you enjoy your stay!!