Colorful Rose

Val Vaughn

boss | saints row (2022)


At a Glance

Vaughn is a tall woman with brown skin; she has a strong, broad build with a soft stomach. Her thick, dark brown hair is mostly straight with a slight wave towards the ends, it brushes just past her shoulders. She tends to wear it both loose and tied back into a low bun. She has dark brown, hooded eyes, with slightly arched brows, and a broad nose with a simple, silver ball piercing in her lower lip (labret). She is nearsighted and typically wears tinted prescription glasses or sunglasses. She has simple lobe piercings, a gap between her two front teeth on the top row, and a prosthetic for her right hand.

Vaughn prefers Western-style wear, and is rarely seen without her signature embroidered cowboy hat and boots. She color coordinates her outfits and takes care in her appearance.

Vaughn has a colorful personality, she is generally friendly. She enjoys trading stories and gets along well with most; she's excellent at carrying a conversation.


Vaughn was adopted by (fathers, it was an in family adoption, so one of her father's is biologically her uncle). She has 2 older identical twin brothers and grew up on her family's ranch. She graduated high school and (did bootcamp?? college?? how does she have student loans??? wadahell did she go to school for)

eventually started working with marshall, how long has she known the besties?? SNICKERDOODLE

For Fun :>

Vaughn goes by her last name, her first name is Val which is actually short for something (not Valerie), her fathers and brothers call her (?) which is a nickname based off her middle name (??). But most just know her as Vaughn.

Vaughn is a Libra, ENFP and Sanguine. She is Chaotic Neutral.



Vaughn's partner Pokemon would be either Litten or Incineroar. I can see her bringing the Incineroar with her, but I also see her as just having the Litten at home (like Snickerdoodle). Idk if she would have both or just the one. I'm leaning towards her just having the Litten (Snickerdoodle) and it just staying home/being a pet. Though Incineroar suits her well:

  • Incineroar's rough and aggressive behavior is its most notable trait, but the way it helps out small Pokémon shows that it has a kind side as well.

In Animal Crossing, ignoring gender restrictions -_-, she would be a Smug Tiger, her phrase would be "hon", she would have the play hobby, prefer white and purples, and she would enjoy a cool or active style. white cowboy shirt / white outback hat / sunglasses

Vaughn is ??? coded. Her vibe would be ---------------

As a Lieutenant?