Colorful Rose

Sanguine Andras

warden commander | dragon age: awakening (2010)

At a Glance

Sanguine is a very tall and muscular person, their half-elf heritage giving them short but pointed ears and dark vision. In spite of their strength, they do not have an especially bulky or broad frame; they are much stronger than they appear. Sanguine has tawny skin, their face and body are covered in scars of varying size and age. The most notable is their right arm [burn scars]. Past the scars, Sanguine has a generally attractive and friendly face, they have large, warm brown eyes, bushy slightly arched brows, a strong aquiline nose, thick bow-shaped lips, and a dimpled chin. Their curly hair is the color of soft caramel, a toasty light golden brown; it is cropped short in the back, and worn long and loose around their ears and face, just curling around their jaw.

Sanguine dresses as professionally as their job allows, preferring the decorative style of Orlais over other, more practical fashions. That being said, as a Grey Warden, they do still have a more [practical] wardrobe. They prefer shiny metal accents, and light fabrics with lace and ruffles in their casual wear; the accessorize with belts and jewelry. They appreciate the "finer" things when it comes to [fashion].

Sanguine carries themself with great confidence, and often draw attention to themself when entering a room due to their size or appearance. Sanguine, having worked around Orlesian courts, has a flavor for the dramatic and theatrical; they enjoy the cat and mouse or chess-like politics of court. Sanguine is very intuitive and can attune their own [aura] to any situation (they're a chameleon). They come across as a (whatever the people they are interacting with values, ferelden is prob like authenticity or w/e and orlais is prob like, propriety and cattiness idk lmao) They have a light, melodic voice.



Basic background and backstory stuff, how did they get to where they are currently?

Choices they made in game, how their campaign concludes?


For Fun :>

Orlesian is Sanguine's first language, their natural speaking voice has a strong Orlesian accent. They can perfectly imitate a Ferelden accent, and have spent enough time in Ferelden and around Fereldens that they can have conversations with "Born and Raised" Fereldens and the most "Patriotic" of Fereldens without outing themself as an Orlesian. They use this to blend in, and for shenanigans. They can also speak Antivan, and have a passable accent, though they haven't spent enough time studying Antiva or its culture to be able to pass as an Antivan citizen.

Sanguine is a Gemini, ENTJ and Choleric. They are Chaotic Neutral.




Sanguine's Pokemon team would consist of:

  • Dusknoir:
  • Zoroark:
  • Grimmsnarl:
  • Honedge:

In Animal Crossing, ignoring gender restrictions -_-, they would be a Smug Gorilla, their phrase would be "chanmé", they would have the fitness hobby, prefer gold and purple, and they would enjoy a gorgeous or theatrical style. [blue military uniform, pink young-royal shirt] NEED TO CREATE IMAGE OF THEM AS VILLAGER

OC is ??? coded. Their vibe would be ---------------

As a Companion

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