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Isaac / Izzy

lone wanderer | fallout 3 (2008)

At a Glance

Isaac is a slender, average height, mixed African American man. His skin is warm brown, his eyes are light hazel-green, with black coily hair that he keeps long and typically wears in a low or mid ponytail under a ball cap. Isaac is nearsighted and wears thick black, square framed glasses.

Early in the campaign, Isaac wears and maintains the armored vault suit he gets from Moira, but eventually starts wearing a "roving trader outfit" with cargo pants, a large backpack, and the same boots he wore in the vault; his coat has a red medic symbol stitched into it. He's never seen without his glasses, and rarely without his worn, faded red ball cap. He carries a lot of electronic scrap and salvage, along with a repair kit; his pockets are usually full. (for funsies, I think he eventually acquires decorative patches for his coat from Reilly's Rangers and a "Dog Dad" (or maybe "Certified Co-Author" ?!) patch from Moira :))

Isaac pre-exile is aloof and somewhat awkward; he takes a long time to warm up to people, but could be very open and caring towards close friends, like Amata and Jonas. After exile, he has even less interest in befriending people, and intentionally becomes short with others in an effort to ward them off out of self-preservation. In spite of this, having an intelligent conversation with him for any period of time will have him quickly forgetting this new self-imposed rule. At his core, Isaac is empathetic, emotional and naive, which frustrates him especially after exile.




Basic background and backstory stuff, how did they get to where they are currently?

Choices they made in game, how their campaign concludes?


For Fun :>

Isaac started out as a recycled character, and had a different name but after spending time with him, he became his own character and I decided to give him his own name! I go back and forth on the existence of the Bible and ~Christianity~ in Fallout, I personally don't think Catherine had the context of Christianity when she found the scripture she based her life's work on, but it did still inspire me to give Izzy a biblical name (even if it's purely coincidental in game). Copy and pasting his name's inspiration straight from a google search: "Although Sarah was past the age of childbearing, God promised Abraham and Sarah that they would have a son, and Isaac was born. Later, to test Abraham's obedience, God commanded Abraham to sacrifice the boy. Abraham made all the preparations for the ritual sacrifice, but God spared Isaac at the last moment." (and I'll be honest, i don't kno much about isaac's relationship with abraham but i imagine it wasn't as great as it could have been!! mirroring Izzy's own complicated relationship/perception of James.)

I think James is the only one to ever call him Izzy, and I think he pretty strictly chooses to go by Isaac as he gets older (meaning I think Isaac himself kind of thinks of Izzy as like. a "baby name" and prefers not to be called it, because hello!! he's not a baby anymore 🙄 after exile I think he definitely and desperately misses being called Izzy but I don't think he has the nerve to tell James this even after their reunion.... and i'm not sure James has the perception or intuition to realize it either.)

S.P.E.C.I.A.L. - Strength 4 | Perception 4 (four-eyes isnt a perk in fo3 but i pretend it is orz, i think glasses and hat give +2 per anyway) | Endurance 5 | Charisma 4 | Intelligence 10 | Agility 8 | Luck 5 (need to double check his stats) His tag skills are Science, Medicine, and Repair. Notable Perks: Robotics Expert, Daddy's Boy, Child at Heart, Computer Whiz, Chem Resistant, Ant Sight, and Nerd Rage.

Isaac is a Cancer, ISTJ and Melancholic. He has Good Karma :)

Izzy finds his passion for robots and computers in the wasteland, he loves exploring ruins and salvaging whatever he can to build and repair robots and electronics out of his home in Megaton. I imagine he eventually grows a reputation for this :) (TINKER JOE INSP/RIVALRY, robot companion) He finds (companionship) with Fawkes (i'm gonna ignore the whole battling with his "primal" side bc it's not his fault the fo3 writers forgot that super mutants can be intelligent and complex!!!) He also has a strong friendship with Moira (I would say she was his first friend post-exile!) After entering the wasteland he finds his fondness for Mirelurk Cakes (that one lady by the coast??)

Izzy has an interest in entomology, in a different life he may have kept ants or a mantid! In Fallout, I don't think it's very practical or feasible and I don't think he could get one to not be hostile toward him or be able to live healthily and comfortably away from its hive ?? :( So, no pet bugs for him, but he thinks they're neat!

Izzy has a fun dynamic with Butch where, when alone, Izzy can beat Butch's ass >:) BUT Butch is careful and was rarely alone when antognizing him or Amata. The one time Butch did try to press Izzy while alone (when they were teens), Izzy handled Butch in an appropriately Nerd Ragey manner. Only when they got caught/interrupted did Butch end up getting one good shot back in, resulting in Izzy's bloody nose, hence the "nickname" Nosebleed. (OFC Butch, in spite of his visible injuries, played up the fight to his buddies and they dogged Izzy for it, but Izzy knew and Butch knew, and maaaaybe there was less shit-talking after....... but only a little less ofc.) Also, one time Izzy did beat TF outta Butch n his buddies when they were harassing Amata before the GOAT test, but that one was for ME and MY AMUSEMENT n i'm undecided if it's canon.

On the topic of BUTCH, Izzy saves his mom and Butch does his whole. Hero-worship moment. I think Butch does kind of. Let go of everything they went through, but I really don't think Izzy is able to move past it so quickly, ESP given everything else that happened re: his exile and the continued bad blood with the residents of Vault 101. On the other hand, I do think Butch is the only one who can relate to his unique history as a Vault Dweller, and they do eventually bond (or at least commiserate) over it. Izzy is able to let go of his past with Butch, as soon as he's able to let go of his past with the Vault: sometime post campaign, after finding where he fits in the Wasteland.

What's in his inventory?

  • various scrap and electronics/components
  • a stocked repair kit (with a small sewing kit for fixing pockets on his coat)
  • journal with a few different markers/pencils and a piece of charcoal to sketch with (his sketches are more doodles than anything recognizable.) He uses this to record ideas, projects, possible salvage locations, notes/errands, or topics he wishes to discuss with either Fawkes or Moira at a later point, he never uses it to record actual diary/journal entries.
  • a small cooking/camping kit
  • a water bowl for Dogmeat
  • rations (usually Sugar Bombs, Mirelurk Jerky or canned items)
  • bottles of purified water for his party and a few extra to share with travelers
  • a mostly well stocked medkit with sterilizing equipment (alcohol or a lighter, probably)
  • Rad-X, RadAway, and Mentats (he doesn't drink or do drugs, but he does enjoy the occasional Mentats, and never takes enough to become addicted)
  • a modded plasma rifle (+ ammo) and a supercharged stun-baton (based off Jingwei's Shocksword, EXCELLENT WEAPON terrible mission)

Isaac's Pokemon team would consist of:

  • Metang: Two Beldum have become stuck together via their own magnetic forces. With two brains, the resulting Metang has doubled psychic powers. With its two brains, it fires powerful psychic energy to stop its prey in their tracks.
  • Midnight Lycanroc: This form of Lycanroc is reckless. It charges headlong at its opponents, attacking without any care about what injuries it might receive. (before i got the dlc that marks companions essential, dogmeat got his whole head ripped off by a deathclaw :(( i feel like midnight lycanroc's nature suits him)
  • Beldum: If you anger it, it will do more than rampage. It will also burst out strong magnetism, causing nearby machines to break. (he does plan to evolve a Metagross: It is formed by two Metang fusing. Its four brains are said to be superior to a supercomputer.)
  • Durant: They attack in groups, covering themselves in steel armor to protect themselves from Heatmor. Durant dig nests in mountains. They build their complicated, interconnected tunnels in mazes. (he may get multiple Durant after evolving his Metagross)

In Animal Crossing he would be a CRANKY Mouse, his phrase would be "???", he would have the knowledge hobby, prefer green and red, and he would enjoy a ??? or ??? style. NEED TO CREATE IMAGE OF THEM AS VILLAGER

Isaac is ??? coded. His vibe would be ---------------

As a Companion


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