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watcher | pillars of eternity (2015)

At a Glance

Physical description, notable features.

How do they dress and present themself?

How do they appear/come across? What would be someone's first impression of them?



Basic background and backstory stuff, how did they get to where they are currently?

Choices they made in game, how their campaign concludes?


The Gift from the Machine and its Aftermath

Fen was my second watcher :) I knew I wanted to create a 1. Hunter 2. Druid 3. Pale Elf from the White that Wends. Unfortunately, I have a bad habit of playing a game the first time and using that same pathing for all future playthroughs even with different characters, so i never got very far with him in POE1 :( POE2 was a different story :) I decided to play him using the Survival of the Fittest pre-made history. It was an excellent experience! Being able to play into the game's narrative that the Watcher has lost their memories due to being separated from their soul was fun!!! I had already played through POE2 as Mal, so I knew what to expect!

Except Fen's past was so different from Mal's.

After speaking with Eothas in Hosongo, he said something ominous, and I remember reading the line over and over trying to figure out what he could possibly be referencing, "he didn't say that to Mal, did he???"

"I have seen the darkness in you, Watcher. But will not judge you for it. Never again."

(He did not say that to Mal.) After this conversation, Fen recieved the bonus: Gift from the Machine. I didn't think to look up what it was, or how it was acquired. :(

When Mal encountered her soul in Eothas, the souls asks, "Are you still the same person? Are you still the person who restored the lost souls of the Dyrwood?" And of course she was! It was an easy reply, it was an easy reunion.

So I was expecting the same for Fen! "Are you still the same person who sacrificed the souls to strengthen the Dyrwood?"

Instead the soul asks,

"Are you still the same person who devoured the souls on Heritage Hill?"


In order to receive the Gift from the Machine, you have to feed an undead scientist (he eats people -_-). To do this you can either free a group of people being held by another undead, who is already planning to eat them, OR you can send him a young girl... who you previously saved from being eaten by her own undead family! Committing either action grants the Cruel disposition (one understandably grants more than the other). Once you feed the scientist, you can use the machine to "empower" yourself by absorbing the souls. It grants you some extra Might/Health. It also grants you MORE Cruelty.

Now, Mal never did this. She saved the group of people, she saved the girl, she returned to the tower and was attacked by the hungry scientist. And that was that!

Even still, the pre-made history is literally called "Survival of the Fittest" but I didn't even know this was an option!! ;A;) It gave me a lot to think about. I couldn't decide how to play Fen, I struggled to fully get into his head and understand his motivations :(

So I resolved to experience it for myself. I started a new POE1 game and committed to taking the actions Fen "canonically" took. (at least what i could glean from flavor text in deadfire)

For Fun :>

Fen's name could be short for something, but either he doesn't remember his full name or he thinks it's irrelevant. He only ever goes by Fen now.

Fen is a Capricorn, ISTJ and Phlegmatic. He is True Neutral.



Fen's Pokemon team would consist of:

  • Beartic: It freezes its breath to create fangs and claws of ice to fight with. Cold northern areas are its habitat.
  • Froslass: After a woman met her end on a snowy mountain, her regrets lingered on. From them, this Pokémon was born. Its favorite food is frozen souls.
  • Abomasnow: It lives a quiet life on mountains that are perpetually covered in snow. It hides itself by whipping up blizzards.
  • Spiritomb: Exactly 108 spirits gathered to become this Pokémon. Apparently there are some ill-natured spirits in the mix.

In Animal Crossing, he would be a Cranky Bear, his phrase would be "???", he would have the ??? hobby, prefer white and gray, and he would enjoy a ??? or ??? style. clothing NEED TO CREATE IMAGE OF THEM AS VILLAGER

OC is ??? coded. Their vibe would be ---------------

As a Lieutenant/Companion/NPC


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